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Geographic Information Systems Overview

GIS is a computerized analytical tool that integrates hardware, software and data designed to support the capture, management and analysis of spatially referenced data for solving complex problems. What does that lengthy description really mean? It means GIS is more than just your basic map. It combines graphic and other data into a single map. It is a tool that allows users the ability to comprehend geography to make intelligent decisions in ways never before possible with just plain paper maps. GIS programs are capable of processing data from a variety of sources and combining it into a single project. It arranges geographic information so that the user can select the specific data necessary for a project. GIS can represent multiple themes and eliminates the need for many different maps.


The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission can turn your CAD and paper maps into a time and money saving asset. This data can be used for problem solving beyond your imagination. Is your data in GIS form already? Are you using it to its full potential? Are you interested in finding out if GIS could help find solutions to your problems? Call us, we are here to help!


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