Regionaql Work Program RWP for 2015-2019 and ROA for 2013-2017
Public hearing is Friday February 6 2015 from 10am-11aam in the conference center at Southwest Georgia Regional Commission 181 East Broad Street, Camilla, GA 31730. For any information or comments contact Barbara Reddick at the public comment period will end on February 27th , 2015 at 5:00 pm.
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Planning Department

Planning Department Overview

The Planning Department undertakes a variety of duties that can generally be put in two        categories: Long Range Planning and Current Planning.


Long Range Planning is a continual process of developing goals and objectives for a better future. In general, it involves the inventory of natural and cultural resources, a careful analysis of the state of these resources, and a vision for the future based on public participation and feedback from our residents. This vision is implemented by setting goals, policies and procedures to meet those goals. But a plan is not finished when the document is complete. The real responsiblity begins with the implementation of the plan, the most critical step of all, and largely the responsibility of local governments.


Current Planning includes the development and review of zoning and subdivision regulations, and the interpretation and enforcement of those regulations. Activities that implement long range planning strategies may also be considered current planning. These activities might include grant writing and educational activities for example, that allow elected leadership to better serve their constituencies.


By necessity, most of the planning staff are generalists- that is, they know something about all the components that comprise the broad realm of planning. In addition, most also have specialized knowledge in one or more specific areas such as housing, land use, environmental issues and historic preservation.


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