Deborah Bell-Dison, USDA Area Director of Rural Development Addressess the SWGRC Council at the October Meeting!

USDA Power Point Presentation from the SWGRC October Council Meeting
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The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission is a planning agency created as a result of the 1989 Georgia Planning Act and House Bill 1216. It serves the following 14 counties: Baker, Calhoun, Colquitt, Decatur, Dougherty, Early, Grady, Lee, Miller, Mitchell, Seminole, Terrell, Thomas, and Worth. We provide a variety of services to local governments including traditional planning services such as zoning ordinance development and economic development to more specialized areas such as human services, geographic information systems and transportation planning. Regional commissions have gone through significant changes over the years and continue to evolve to meet the changing needs of the regions.


The commission's Regional Council is composed of representatives from all 14 counties and 43 cities in the region. The Regional Council meets monthly to review and discuss the activities of the commission. Committees meet every other month to focus on specific issues such as transportation, human services, environmental resources and economic development.

Mailing address:   P.O. Box 346, Camilla, Georgia 31730

Physical Address:  181 East Broad Street, Camilla


Conact:  Heather White 

  or   (229) 522-3552   x1602

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