Debbie Blanton                                              Director of SOWEGA Council on Aging             May 2018


Director Debbie Blanton from the SOWEGA Council on Aging spoke to the council and guests at the June Council meeting.  She spoke of the resources available to the aging population in Southwest Georgia.  She made it clear that all of us are aging so this is not exclusive to the 65+ community. 

Ms. Blanton told the Council of new evaluations for Alzheimer’s and Dementia patients.  She told of new technologies for the elderly to be more self-sufficient (new tools).  She spoke of some of the programs offered to the aging population and then invited her staff member, Juli Bruner, to speak.  Ms. Bruner told about programs to help nursing home patients return back home and the ways that the Southwest Georgia Council on Aging can assist these patients and their needs once they get them home.



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