David Cassell                                               Georgia State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA)                                                             July 2018

David Cassell is the Strategic Programs Administrator for the State Road and Tollway Authority (SRTA).  In this capacity David oversees the Georgia Transportation Infrastructure Bank, which administers grants and loans for roadway projects throughout Georgia.  He also oversees the GO! Transit Program which awarded $75 million in capital grants to transit systems throughout Georgia in 2016.  Prior to this David worked as a project manager for the Georgia Regional Transportation Authority where he oversaw transit projects ranging from construction and fleet replacement to technology and rural transportation policy.  David has a bachelor’s degree from Virginia Tech in environmental policy and a master’s degree from Georgia Tech in city and regional planning.    


Mr. Cassell spoke at the SWGRC Council meeting July 2018.  He congratulated the recipients of the grants/ low interest loans for the Southwest Georgia Region.  He went over eligibility requirements, time lines, and potential projects that may be of interest.  Mr. Cassell discussed matching funds.  He stated that there is not a limit to number of times applicants can apply for SRTA grants and loans.


To read more about the grand and low interest loans from the SRTA, click the link below.


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