Regional Plan

Regional Assessment

The Regional Assessment is the first part of the regional plan. The purpose of the Regional Assessment is to present a factual and conceptual foundation upon which the rest of the regional plan is built. It is an objective and professional assessment of data and information about the region and prepared without extensive direct stakeholder involvement. The Regional Assessment is divided into four sections:


  1. A list of potential issues and opportunities the region may wish to take action to address
  2. Analysis of projected regional development patterns and areas requiring special attention
  3. Evaluation of current policies, activities, and development patterns in the region for consistency with the Georgia Department of Community Affairs, Quality Community Objectives
  4. Analysis of data and information to check the validity of the above evaluations and the potential issues and opportunities. 


The Regional Assessment will be used by stakeholders during development of the Regional Agenda portion of the plan.


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Issues & Opportunities
A review of potential issues and opportunities that may affect the future growth and development within the region.
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Regional Development Patterns
An analysis of both current and projected regional development patterns. This section also includes an examination of areas within the region that require Special Attention in regards to development.
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Quality Community Objectives
An analysis of how consistent Southwest Georgia’s development is with the Department of Community Affair’s Quality Community Objectives (QCOs).
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Supporting Data & Analysis
Data used to check the validity of the potential issues and opportunities and projected development patterns map in the areas of Population, Economic Development, Housing, Community Facilities and Ser
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