Regional Plan

Regional Agenda

The Regional Agenda is the most important portion of the Regional Plan, for it includes the region's vision for the future as well as the strategies that will be employed in order to achieve this vision. Since the Regional Agenda provides guidance for future decision-making by all the local governments in the region, it must be prepared with adequate input from stakeholders and the general public. The Regional Agenda includes four components:

  1. A Regional Vision for the future development of the region
  2. A list of Regional Issues and Opportunities identified for further action
  3. An Implementation Program for achieving the regional vision and for addressing the identified Regional Issues and Opportunities. The implementation program includes:
    1. Guiding Principles to be utilized by all stakeholders in making decisions affecting the future of the region
    2. Performance Standards that establish minimum and exceptional levels of performance expected of all stakeholders in implementing the recommendations of the plan
    3. A list of Strategies that may be implemented by any stakeholders in the region to assist with achieving the Regional Vision or addressing the Regional Issues or Opportunities
    4. A Regional Work Program listing Regional Commission responsibilities for implementing the plan
  4. An Evaluation and Monitoring plan to ensure the regional plan is accomplishing the desired results


Regional Agenda
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