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The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission, located at 181 East Broad Street in Camilla, GA, will be issuing a Request for Proposal for Professional Audit Services for the five fiscal periods ending June 30, 2020 through June 30, 2024.  If you are interested in receiving the Request for Proposal document please respond by May 8, 2020 to:

Suzanne F. Angell

Executive Director

PO Box 346

Camilla, GA  31730


Or email request to:


The document can also be found below and printed






  1. How many adjusting journal entries were posted during last year’s audit? May we have a copy of the journal entries? There were two adjusting entries last year which were entries for the conversion of internal to external reporting.  These entries are related to GASB-68 reporting and to the recording of governmental capital assets (transit vehicles) purchased for us by GDOT.   
  2. The FYE June 30, 2019 audit did not report any material weaknesses/significant deficiencies in internal control.  Were there any reported for the FYE June 30, 2018 audit? No, there were none.  You can view our FY16-FY19 audit reports on our website.
  3. What areas of prior year audits have proven to be a challenge? Other than the “usual” idiosyncrasies related to Regional Commissions, there has been nothing out of the ordinary.
  4. What accounting software is used by the Organization? Blackbaud Financial Edge
  5. Does the external auditor maintain fixed assets/depreciation?  If not, what software does the Organization use to maintain fixed assets? The SWGRC maintains fixed assets/depreciation.  Financial Edge has a fixed assets component and is integrated into the GL.
  6. Who will be responsible for preparing the financial statements? The auditor prepares the financial statements contained in the audit, with appropriate safeguards.
  7. When has the auditor typically performed their onsite field work? Generally, they visit sporadically during the months of Sept – Dec.  They do a lot of audit work offsite.
  8. What were the fees in the prior year audit? $16,995
  9. How much is budgeted for the current year audit? The FY21 budget is in process and not adopted yet, but we are planning to budget less than $20,000 for the FY20 audit (hopefully).
  10. Does the auditor typically charge for additional work?  No, unless it is a substantial amount of work and we agree to a price on the additional work outside the scope of the audit.
  11. Why is the audit being put out for bid? GDOAA requirement – RFO every five years.
  12. Will your current auditor be able to submit a proposal? Yes
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