Appointing County SWGRC Council

Council Appointments in SWGRC Bylaws referencing Georgia Law
Council Appointments Georgia Law.pdf
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GEORGIA CODE O.C.G.A. 50-8-34.pdf
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  • The appointee will be appointed by only the county.


  • The appointee must live in that county.


  • The appointee is usually the county commission chairman.  If he/she cannot serve on our council another elected county official can be appointed usually it is a county commissioner.



For your convenience I have listed your current appointees on our council under your county listed in the tab to the left. 


What do you do first?


1.  First you decide if you are going to put the appointments on your December agenda or January agenda.  I must get your letter no later than the last day in January. 


What do you do next?


2. Next you fill the form out on the main page of this section and let me know which city council meeting agenda the appointments will be on.


What do you do next? 


3. You ask your county chairman if they wish to re-appoint the current appointee for this next year. 


What do you do next?


4.  If you want to keep your current appointee  you need to call them to see if they still want to be considered to be on our council for next year.  If they say yes then it is easy, you simply bring it up to your commissioners during your meeting and if you must find someone to fill the empty spot and bring that appointee up in your commission meeting.


What is last?


Last you will put your successful appointee's name, mailing address, phone number and email in an appointment letter, on the county letterhead and have your commissioner sign it.  Then you will fax it to 229-522-3558 or scan and email it to     Then you email the original to The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission, P.O. Box 346, Camilla, Georgia 31730.


You are done! 


I need these no later than Friday,  JANUARY 31st!






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