Transit Systems

Here is a list of transit systems according to the area in which you live.



County/City                  Phone Number


Baker County                229-336-1600

Mitchell County             229-336-1600   

Early County                 229-724-7433 (RIDE)

City of Arlington            229-724-7433  

Miller County                 229-724-7433 (RIDE)

Dougherty County          229-431-0000

Lee County                    229-431-0000

City of Dawson               229-431-0000

Colquitt County              229-431-0000

City of Sylvester             229-431-0000

Decatur County               229-246-6758

Grady County                  229-377-6797

Seminole County             229-246-6758



The Transit System reserves the right to refuse service or remove anyone who jeaopardizes the safety and/or comfort of other passengers.

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