Keeping it Local-Ag, Hottest Jobs Outlook, 2013 DCA Homeless Count, Southwest Georgia Events, Great Promise Partnership! September 2014 NEWSLETTER
September Newsletter.pdf
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City and County Clerk information! Keeping it Local- Mini Vacations, C.H.I.P. Awards! Bike and Ped Planning, Digital Economies, Mr. Jack Powell Honored, Kudos to Ms. Monahan! Remember- The digital newsletter is interactive, click on photos, underlined text, blue text and link up with sources and more information!
June Newsletter 2014.pdf
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March 2014 Newsletter
New Council Members, CHIP, Youth Summit Review, Regional Priorities, Rural Mini Hospitals, PlanFirst, and much more!
March 2014 Newsletter.pdf
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January 2014 Newsletter
This is our first interactive edition! Click on some of the photographs, different colored words or underlined words and see where they take you!
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December 2013 Newsletter
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October 2013 Newsletter
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Quarterly Newsletter - July 2013
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Quarterly Newsletter - January 2013
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