Planning Services Survey Findings FY 2017

The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission Planning Department distributed surveys to the Region 10 local government officials and administrators.  The responses from this survey help the Planning Department determine areas of strength, provide feedback on services offered, or may be needed in the region, and gives a critique of the department staff as a whole.  The results are as follows:
Surveys were distributed in June via email and fax.  Respondents came from elected officials from 4 counties, county administrators in 2 counties, elected officials in 9 cities and city administrators in 11 communities.  

Planning Department Staff:

​When asked how the planning staff were performing the respondents answered 50/50% between Getting Better and About the Same.  Each respondent was asked of their average number of contacts with the Planning Department over the past 12 months, which averaged between 6-8 contacts and all responded that they were satisfied or very satisfied with the last contact they had with a Planning Department staff.  

Planning Department Services

Quality of Service ratings for each of the services ranked as good or great.  Most notable were “great” marks from nine communities for the service they received with Grant Writing and Hazard Mitigation services.  Housing Resources and GIS services provided were also ranked highly among respondents.
Based on the survey responses, the customer service the Planning Department offers is excellent.  Respondents agree that services are provided in a timely manner and the staff demonstrate a willingness to help with knowledge and expertise.  All were in agreement that the Planning Department Staff provide a wide range of planning services and makes information easily available.  Though the majority of respondents agree that the Planning Department Staff provide services and answers correctly when asked, a few feel that this is not the case and the department will be taking caution to ensure all of the Local Governments in Region 10 receive timely and correct information in the future
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