Welcome to the Southwest Georgia Regional Commission’s website! The goal of this website is to better acquaint you with the RC, its role and most importantly its responsibilities to Southwest Georgia. Recognizing the importance of the World Wide Web in information distribution, the Southwest Georgia RC has designed this site to not only inform you about our organization, but also to furnish valuable data about the rural southwest Georgia area.


The Southwest Georgia RC is responsible for serving the public interest of the state by promoting and implementing the comprehensive planning process. Originally formed in 1967 as the Southwest Georgia Area Planning and Development Commission, the Growth Strategies legislation adopted in 1989 changed the name to Regional Commission, and added substantial roles and responsibilities. For over 40 years, the Southwest Georgia RC has helped to focus this fourteen county region's leadership, attention and resources on key issues of regional consequence including but certainly not limited to: land use, transportation, recreation, historic preservation, natural resources, solid waste and economic development. Through contractual arrangements, the RC also provides other services such as grant writing and reviewing and commenting on applications for federal assistance.


Robert McDaniel
Executive Director


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