2013 Georgia Homeless Count

The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission is working in conjunction with
DCA's "Every Georgian Counts" program which is designed to develop
and update baseline homeless data for each of Georgia's 159 counties or
consolidated governments.  The Southwest Georgia Regional Commission is
working directly with the fourteen counties in Southwest Georgia. 


DCA has partnered with Kennesaw State University to develop a sampling
methodology and predictive model for unsheltered homelessness in the state. At
least every other year, each of the state's six (6) local Continuums of Care
conduct a count of their sheltered and unsheltered homeless population, while
DCA sponsors local counts of unsheltered and precariously housed families and
individuals. Additionally, DCA conducts an annual census of sheltered homeless
persons in its 152 "Balance of State" Continuum of Care. The data
collected from these sources is used to update Kennesaw State University's
predictive model and to create projections of the state's homeless population. 
The use of HMIS is not restricted to organizations receiving public funds; all
providers of homeless services and/or shelter are encouraged to participate.

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